It’s not a new concept, but the idea of eating local has really caught on in everything we do at Ome Caterers. Our chefs have embraced the concept and it just makes sense to support our local agriculture industry and at the same time deliver better tasting dishes to the tables we serve.

We’ve created a culture at Ome where we advocate for local farmers, sustainable food production and humane treatment of animals. Below of some of the organizations we work with to make this a reality:

  • Valley Shepherd Creamery: This Long Valley, New Jersey creamery makes the most delicious cheeses.
  • Baldor: This company bridges the gap between the farm and food service providers like us to deliver local ingredients fast, which means fresh.
  • Jersey Fresh: In order to make locally sourced food a reality, we are big supporters of New Jersey’s Jersey Fresh initiative, which helps everyone get on board to fully take advantage of the Garden State’s farm culture.
  • Fresh From Zone 7: This farm-fresh distribution center connects farmers and chefs so the best fruits, vegetables, eggs and grains make it to our clients’ events.