Ome Caterers is built upon decades of experience in exceptional hospitality, suberb culinary skills and a dedication to service perfection. Our team of culinary experts guides your through the planning of your event to ensure that you and your guests are delighted with your experience.

Carmine DePasquale – Managing Director

Ome Catering’s exceptional culinary and hospitality professionals are led by Managing Director, Carmine DePasquale. As a first-generation American-Italian, Carmine’s life has always centered around food. His father had a passion for cooking and Carmine spent many hours watching and helping him cook. Inspired by his Italian heritage, Carmine attended the Culinary Institute of America to earn his Associate Degree in Culinary Management and Bachelor Degree in Hospitality.

Following his early culinary training, Carmine traveled to study under the great Italian chefs in Emilia-Romagna and Sicily and earn his master’s degree. From these great chefs, Carmine learned to allow exceptional, seasonal ingredients to shine, following the rule that once you start with great ingredients, the next best ingredient is simplicity. 

When he returned to the U.S., Carmine trekked to Las Vegas to work with the Batali Group, MGM Grand’s Diego Restaurant, Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill and Nove Italiano in the Palms Casino. Immediately prior to joining Dartcor, he focused his attention on farm to table dining with the Terra Momo Group in Princeton, NJ.

At home, Carmine loves to entertain and is always looking for great ingredients to share with his family and friends.

William Holguin – Chef de Cuisine

William has been with Ome Caterers for almost 25 years! His culinary creativity has been a driving force behind our success for many years – beginning as a Chef in one of our earliest gourmet markets and continuing through his current role as Head Culinary Artist in which his inspired creations look as delightful as they taste.

Jenna Fass – Executive Pastry Chef

Jenna has been leading Ome Caterers Pastry Division for over three years. Jenna’s expertise in “rustic to fine detail pastry arts” results in a fresh & simple approach to desserts similar to the old-world school of thought behind cooking. Prior to joining Ome Caterers, Jenna worked at LSK – Local Seasonal Kitchen in Ramsey, NJ, and had the sweet role of Macaroon Sous Chef at “Sweet Lobby” in Washington, DC.